Sprog: A Novel of Bomber Command

Sprog: A Novel of Bomber Command follows five young men as they join the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1941. Before they can join the war in the skies over Europe, they must endure the rigours of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. In their quest to fly, they must confront discipline and danger, and rapidly change from teenagers into warriors.

The first novel from Centennial College Press! For more details, visit the Sprog website.

Sprog: a rookie airman, forced to learn by doing.

Summer, 1941. They come from different places, and different lives, but they share a dream: to fly. Eager to join the war in the skies over Europe, thousands of young men flock to Canada from all over Britain and the Commonwealth, and the United States — all hoping to earn their pilots’ wings. Before taking to the air, they must endure the challenges of the British Air Commonwealth Training Plan, which quickly turns them from boys into men, and from civilians into soldiers. Sprog takes us from Bomber Command’s war, to the retreat from France, and to the peaceful but dangerous skies of Canada where these young men will discover themselves, and their destinies.

Praise for Malcolm Kelly’s Sprog

“It is remarkable that someone who did not live in that time has been able to recreate our lives as airmen in the Second World War in such detail.” –Flying Officer Robert J. Middleton, Navigator, 431 (Iroquois) Squadron, No. 6 Group, Bomber Command

“What a terrific book. I had goosebumps. For Fletcher and the guys, and for all of them. It is so human, so real, so thoughtful, so invigorating. The dialogue is terrific. This American Army brat gets it. It is so damn good.” –Lynne Russell, Author; former lead anchor, CNN

“Amazing! Every section had me glued … grabbed me right to the gut. Malcolm puts us right in the middle of the chaos and shows us what the fear of his main characters was like. His dialogue is exquisite. He has woven history into the story into a way that those who experienced it themselves would be proud of.” Ted Barris, Bestselling author of Behind the Glory: Canada’s Role in the Allied Air WarThe Great Escape: A Canadian Story, and Dam Busters: Canadian Airmen and the Secret Raid against Nazi Germany.